• BRG Firearms Training Academy, LLC ; an educational and training organization which is operated as full time primary business,  provides Firearms & Tactical Training and Skill Development - along with educational seminars and workshops - for Law Enforcement, Private Security Personnel & Civilians.

  • As a professional training organization; an organization which is dedicated to delivering the finest firearms training in Eastern Pennsylvania, our goal is to deliver a high level of quality instruction whether you are in the classroom or on the live fire training range.  This level of professionalism will not to be found in any other organization or individual.

  • Firearms Training Courses; whether they are the prepackaged training programs designed and developed by the National Rifle Association, or the advanced tactical and concealed carry defensive handgun courses which were designed and developed by the training professionals at the BRG Firearms Training Academy, LLC, will always be comprehensive in scope, well organized, structured and delivered in a manner which enhances the student's learning experience.

  • Additionally; because actual hands on learning has always been proven to be the most effective and efficient means of learning, all classroom sessions will have the students actively participating in the safe and proper handling, cleaning, maintenance and storage of a wide variety of firearms.  From the initial classroom hour of instruction to the last; each student will be actively involved in each and every part of the training program.

Our Organization