Precision Beyond 300 Yards!

For the hunter, marksman or tactical operator wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge about precision shooting with the scoped rifle.

Training programs cover:

  • Equipment selection

             Rifles, Calibers, Ammunition, Optics, Mounts, Bipods, etc.

  • Zeroing

             Doping Charts, Cosign Indicators, Mildot Reticles

  • Trigger management

             Trigger control and management techniques

  • Shooting positions

             Bench, Prone, Offhand, Kneeling & Sitting

  • Effects of weather, wind, elevation, and reading mirage.

                 Computer & Rule-of-Thumb estimations

Individual Long Range Rifle Training is available on-demand.  Please use the Contact an Instructor button to schedule a training session.

Classroom Long Range Rifle Training; which focuses on the technical aspects of long range shooting, equipment selection and setup are periodically scheduled.  Let us know if you would like to be placed on our notification list.

Precision Long Range Rifle Training