Tactical Pistol Training

Tactical, Combat Tactics & Defensive Handgun:

  •  Advanced Operational Skill Development

            Tactical Operator - Level 1
                Tactical Operator - Level 2
                    Tactical Operator - Level 3
                        Tactical Operator - Level 4
                            Tactical Operator - Level 5

  • Scheduled on Demand to accommodate your training schedule!

  • The Tactical Pistol & Shotgun Advanced Skill Development Courses are offered as an ongoing application and development of Defensive & Offensive Combat and Tactical Handgun Skills for the professional who is seeking to enhance and maintain their skills.  These courses of instruction are designed and tailored to the individual needs of the:

           Law Enforcement Officer
           Military Personnel
           Licensed Private Security Officer
           Executive Protection Personnel
           Civilians with Concealed Carry Licenses

  • Regardless of the frequency with which you choose to pursue the development and maintenance of your handgun skills; regular training, drilling, instruction and oversight will prove essential for the maintenance and the advancement of the skills which could save your life or the life of another.

There is an old adage which states:

   Amateurs will practice until they get it right.
   Professionals practice until they cannot get it wrong

  • The Tactical Pistol Advanced Skill Development Courses are offered and scheduled on-demand and will; based on the Course Level, consist of Three  3  to Six 6   hours of Technical Instruction accompanied by the Execution of Tactical Drills & Exercises on a Live Fire - Hot Range Facility.  Tactical Courses are available and can be scheduled for:

  • Individual Training Sessions:   One on One Training
  • Partner Training Sessions:       Two Man Team Training

  • Participants training in these Tactical Drills & Exercises should plan on shooting between 400 & 500 rounds of factory handgun ammunition per day of instruction!

Tactical & Combat Weapons Training